Turkmenistan has taken very serious measures for the sanitary protection of its territory, and like other countries, it takes this problem seriously, the head of the WHO country office in Turkmenistan, Paulina Karvovska, told RIA Novosti on Sunday.

According to her, from the very first reports of a new virus, Ashgabat started working with taking decision at the highest level to prevent the virus penetration into its territory, and the government and the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan are fully responsible for this work.

In her opinion, Turkmenistan’s COVID-19 coronavirus preparedness and response Plan, developed by the Turkmen government together with UN agencies in the country, will support these efforts.

Karvovskaalso told about visitation quarantine institutions of Turkmenistan in the cities of Turkmenabat (former Chardzhou) and Turkmenbashi (former Krasnovodsk).

“During the visit, we got acquainted with the procedures and measures taken by the Turkmen side aimed at preventing the import of COVID-19 into the country.We had the opportunity to meet with the staff, facility managers, and people who are quarantined in the city of Turkmenabat. These centers can play an important role in enabling rapid treatment and isolation of people with this disease, thus limiting further spread” said the WHO representative in Ashgabat.

She also spoke about the goals of the joint Plan for preparedness and response to coronavirus infection, developed by the Turkmen government and UN agencies in the country. According to her, the strategic goal of the plan is to prevent the infection from entering to the country. If entered, limit the transmission of infection from person to person, ensure early detection of patients, isolation, laboratory diagnostics and medical care, reduce the socio-economic consequences, ensure uninterrupted supplies of essential goods to the population, etc.

When asked how the WHO representative office in Ashgabat assesses the situation in the country with COVID-19, Karvovskasaid that she relies on the health authorities of Turkmenistan in this matter.

“We rely on the health authorities of Turkmenistan to inform us of confirmed cases, and we have not been notified of such cases until now” she said.

According to official Turkmen authorities, there are no cases of a new type coronavirus in the country.

Sursa: ASHGABAT, May 3 – RIA Novosti, https://ria.ru/20200503/1570912923.html