At the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, on August 12, 2019, the first ever Caspian Economic Forum will be held in the National Tourist Zone “Avaza”. Also, in the framework of the forum will be organized the international Caspian exhibition of innovative technologies and the auto exhibition Turkmen Sahrasy-2019.

This initiative is based on the fundamental vision by our country of the strategic importance of the Caspian in regional and interregional geopolitical and geo-economic processes, its role as an important transit-transport and logistics hub, which necessitates the further consolidation of efforts of the Caspian states.

The development of fruitful cooperation with the countries of the Caspian region has been and remains a principled position, and in this regard it is one of the priority vectors of the foreign policy of Turkmenistan.

The Caspian Economic Forum is designed to give a powerful creative impetus to economic, trade, investment cooperation in the Caspian region, the transformation of the Caspian Sea into one of the largest transport and transit hubs of international importance, which plays a crucial role in the formation of a new geo-economic space in Eurasia. In addition, the forum is an excellent platform for presenting positions, exchanging experiences and presentations, and meetings and round tables are a convenient platform for promoting projects, ideas and business concepts. The development of regional trade and economic ties, transport and transit corridors will increase the volume of export of Turkmen goods, including through the Caspian Sea to Europe.

Delegations of the Caspian littoral states are invited to participate in the forum, including heads and members of governments, heads of coastal regions and heads of regional executive bodies of administration, representatives of the banking sector and business circles of the Caspian region and interested countries, scientists, as well as heads of companies engaged in economic activity on the Caspian Sea. Delegations of other states, primarily close to the Caspian region, as well as representatives of international economic and financial organizations are also invited to the forum.

As it’s already known, our country is consistently promoting transport diplomacy. It is important to note that the adoption in Aktau last year of the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea opened a wide path to the implementation of many energy and transport-transit projects.

Today, Turkmenistan is participating in the Lapis Lazuli international transit route, the route of which begins in Afghanistan, through Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, reaches Turkey and further to European countries, and also, together with Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania, is a participant in the project of creating an international transport route Caspian Sea – Black Sea.

The Caspian Economic Forum – 2019 will also accelerate the implementation of agreements between the governments of the Caspian littoral states on trade and economic cooperation and cooperation in the field of transport, signed in 2018 in Aktau.

It should be noted that the date and place of the Caspian Economic Forum are not accidental either; on August 12, Caspian Sea Day is celebrated. It is logical that the forum will familiarize a wide circle of representatives from different countries with the Avaza National Tourist Zone, a Turkmen resort on the eastern coast of the Caspian.
Thus, our country makes a great contribution to the expansion of international cooperation in the transport and communications sector – the most important segment of the world economy. With great potential in this area, it initiates a number of large international and regional projects.

As the initiator and organizer of the First Caspian Economic Forum, Turkmenistan in fact confirms its commitment to a policy of wide international cooperation, the transformation of the Caspian into a space of peace, security and sustainable development.